Premier League Football - 2022/2023 - Round 22

Tip Predictions

The Premier League football tips are now available in a compact form with all the information at a glance. Match day forecast, tables and season forecast displayed together on one page. In addition, the forecast statistics of the completed game days are published. The tips are based on the forecast model from FuPro - Fußballprognose.

Result / Date
FC Chelsea
02/03/2023, 09:00 PM
FC Fulham
FC Everton
02/04/2023, 01:30 PM
FC Arsenal
Aston Villa
02/04/2023, 04:00 PM
Leicester City
FC Brentford
02/04/2023, 04:00 PM
FC Southampton
Brighton & Hove Albion
02/04/2023, 04:00 PM
AFC Bournemouth
Manchester United
02/04/2023, 04:00 PM
Crystal Palace
Wolverhampton Wanderers
02/04/2023, 04:00 PM
FC Liverpool
Newcastle United
02/04/2023, 06:30 PM
West Ham United
Nottingham Forest
02/05/2023, 03:00 PM
Leeds United
Tottenham Hotspur
02/05/2023, 05:30 PM
Manchester City
Manchester United
02/08/2023, 09:00 PM
Leeds United



FC Fulham meets Tottenham Hotspur in the top game of the day. Our tip predicts a 2-1 victory for Tottenham Hotspur.

The basement duel deny FC Brentford and FC Southampton. According to our tip, FC Brentford have a 1-0 advantage here.


1FC Arsenal19162145:162950
2Manchester City21153357:223548
3Manchester United21124533:26740
4Newcastle United20109133:112239
5Tottenham Hotspur22113842:35736
6FC Fulham22104834:31334
7Brighton & Hove Albion1994636:27931
8FC Brentford2079432:28430
9FC Liverpool1985634:241029
10FC Chelsea2185823:23029
11Aston Villa2084823:27-428
12Crystal Palace2167819:28-925
13Nottingham Forest2056915:35-2021
14Leicester City20531228:34-618
15Leeds United1946926:33-718
16West Ham United20531217:25-818
17Wolverhampton Wanderers20451112:30-1817
18AFC Bournemouth20451119:42-2317
19FC Everton20371015:27-1216
20FC Southampton20341316:35-1913

Form Table

1FC Arsenal541012:5713
2FC Brentford53209:3611
3Manchester City531110:5510
4Brighton & Hove Albion531113:8510
5Manchester United53119:5410
6Aston Villa53117:5210
7Newcastle United52304:049
8FC Fulham53025:419
9Nottingham Forest52214:5-18
10FC Liverpool52126:7-17
11Wolverhampton Wanderers52124:6-27
12Tottenham Hotspur52037:8-16
13FC Chelsea51223:4-15
14Crystal Palace51223:6-35
15West Ham United51135:8-34
16Leeds United50324:7-33
17FC Everton50234:10-62
18FC Southampton50143:8-51
19Leicester City50143:9-61
20AFC Bournemouth50141:10-91

Home Table

1Manchester City12101142:142831
2FC Arsenal981025:101525
3Newcastle United1064018:51322
4Manchester United971117:51222
5FC Liverpool1063123:91421
6FC Fulham1263320:17321
7FC Brentford1054120:101019
8Tottenham Hotspur1060421:15618
9FC Chelsea952213:7617
10Aston Villa1052315:11417
11Crystal Palace1244412:17-516
12Nottingham Forest1043312:12015
13Brighton & Hove Albion942315:10514
14Leeds United1034315:14113
15West Ham United1041511:12-113
16AFC Bournemouth1033410:11-112
17Wolverhampton Wanderers103256:14-811
18Leicester City1023511:12-19
19FC Everton102359:13-49
20FC Southampton101369:17-86

Away Table

1FC Arsenal1081120:61425
2Tottenham Hotspur1253421:20118
3Manchester United1253416:21-518
4Newcastle United1045115:6917
5Manchester City952215:8717
6Brighton & Hove Albion1052321:17417
7FC Fulham1041514:14013
8FC Chelsea1233610:16-612
9FC Brentford1025312:18-611
10Aston Villa103258:16-811
11Crystal Palace92347:11-49
12Leicester City1030717:22-59
13FC Liverpool922511:15-48
14FC Everton101456:14-87
15FC Southampton102177:18-117
16Wolverhampton Wanderers101366:16-106
17Nottingham Forest101363:23-206
18West Ham United101276:13-75
19Leeds United912611:19-85
20AFC Bournemouth101279:31-225

Tip Statistic

Home wins9446.53%
Away wins5929.21%
Correct tip tendency10049.50%
Exact tip178.42%
Forecast value46.50%
Win-24.64 Units

Season Forecast

Who will be champion? Who descends? These are the questions that every football fan has to deal with during the season. The tables below show a prediction for the average placement of teams at the end of the season in Premier League. The prediction model for the tips is used to generate random game outcomes based on the calculated probabilities. With this approach, 10000 different seasonal patterns are generated. As a result, the final mean table is shown below.

Forecast Closing Table

1Manchester City93:365786
2FC Arsenal74:413377
3Tottenham Hotspur69:452471
4FC Liverpool72:432967
5FC Chelsea60:451567
6Manchester United56:47965
7Newcastle United57:421560
8Brighton & Hove Albion53:46756
9West Ham United45:45050
10Crystal Palace44:50-649
11FC Fulham53:59-649
12Leicester City57:59-247
13FC Brentford48:58-1045
14FC Everton39:47-844
15Aston Villa40:55-1543
16Leeds United44:57-1342
17FC Southampton36:56-2038
18Wolverhampton Wanderers31:55-2437
19AFC Bournemouth28:67-3931
20Nottingham Forest21:68-4724

Forecast Champion

Manchester City77.45%
FC Arsenal14.57%
Tottenham Hotspur4.64%
FC Chelsea1.20%
Manchester United1.06%

Relegation Prognosis

Nottingham Forest86.24%
AFC Bournemouth56.29%
Wolverhampton Wanderers22.19%
FC Southampton14.08%
Leeds United6.67%