Premier League Football - 2023/2024 - Round 7

Tip Predictions

The Premier League football tips are now available in a compact form with all the information at a glance. Match day forecast, tables and season forecast displayed together on one page. In addition, the forecast statistics of the completed game days are published. The tips are based on the forecast model from FuPro - Fußballprognose.

Result / Date
Nottingham Forest
10/01/2023, 03:00 PM
FC Brentford
FC Fulham
10/02/2023, 09:00 PM
FC Chelsea
Aston Villa
09/30/2023, 01:30 PM
Brighton & Hove Albion
AFC Bournemouth
09/30/2023, 04:00 PM
FC Arsenal
FC Everton
09/30/2023, 04:00 PM
Luton Town
Manchester United
09/30/2023, 04:00 PM
Crystal Palace
Newcastle United
09/30/2023, 04:00 PM
FC Burnley
West Ham United
09/30/2023, 04:00 PM
Sheffield United
Wolverhampton Wanderers
09/30/2023, 04:00 PM
Manchester City
Tottenham Hotspur
09/30/2023, 06:30 PM
FC Liverpool


The game between FC Brentford and FC Everton ended in a surprising 3-1 win for FC Everton.


Tottenham Hotspur meets FC Liverpool in the top game of the day. Our tip predicts a 2-1 victory for FC Liverpool.

The basement duel deny FC Everton and Luton Town. According to our tip, FC Everton have a 1-0 advantage here.


1Manchester City660016:31318
2FC Liverpool651015:51016
3Brighton & Hove Albion650118:81015
4Tottenham Hotspur642015:7814
5FC Arsenal642011:6514
6Aston Villa640212:10212
7West Ham United631211:10110
8Newcastle United630316:799
9Manchester United63037:10-39
10Crystal Palace62226:7-18
11FC Fulham62225:10-58
12Nottingham Forest62137:9-27
13FC Brentford61329:906
14FC Chelsea61235:6-15
15FC Everton61145:10-54
16Wolverhampton Wanderers61146:12-64
17AFC Bournemouth60335:11-63
18Luton Town50143:11-81
19FC Burnley50144:13-91
20Sheffield United60155:17-121

Form Table

1Manchester City550013:31015
2FC Liverpool550014:41015
3Tottenham Hotspur541013:5813
4Brighton & Hove Albion540114:7712
5Aston Villa540111:5612
6FC Arsenal53209:5411
7West Ham United530210:919
8Nottingham Forest52126:7-17
9Newcastle United520311:656
10Manchester United52036:10-46
11FC Brentford51227:705
12Crystal Palace51225:7-25
13FC Fulham51224:10-65
14FC Chelsea51134:5-14
15FC Everton51135:9-44
16Wolverhampton Wanderers51136:11-54
17AFC Bournemouth50234:10-62
18Luton Town50143:11-81
19FC Burnley50144:13-91
20Sheffield United50145:16-111

Home Table

1FC Liverpool33009:279
2Manchester City33008:179
3Brighton & Hove Albion430111:659
4FC Arsenal42209:638
5Aston Villa22007:166
6Newcastle United32017:346
7Tottenham Hotspur22004:136
8Manchester United32015:506
9FC Chelsea41124:314
10Nottingham Forest21103:214
11Crystal Palace31113:304
12West Ham United21014:403
13FC Brentford40316:8-23
14FC Fulham21011:3-23
15AFC Bournemouth30211:3-22
16Luton Town20112:3-11
17Sheffield United40133:13-101
18FC Everton30030:3-30
19Wolverhampton Wanderers20022:7-50
20FC Burnley40043:12-90

Away Table

1Manchester City33008:269
2Tottenham Hotspur422011:658
3FC Liverpool32106:337
4West Ham United42117:617
5Brighton & Hove Albion22007:256
6FC Arsenal22002:026
7Aston Villa42025:9-46
8FC Fulham41214:7-35
9Wolverhampton Wanderers41124:5-14
10Crystal Palace31113:4-14
11FC Everton31115:7-24
12Newcastle United31029:453
13FC Brentford21013:123
14Nottingham Forest41034:7-33
15Manchester United31022:5-33
16FC Burnley10101:101
17FC Chelsea20111:3-21
18AFC Bournemouth30124:8-41
19Sheffield United20022:4-20
20Luton Town30031:8-70

Tip Statistic

Home wins2440.68%
Away wins2338.98%
Correct tip tendency4067.80%
Exact tip610.17%
Forecast value63.69%
Win11.97 Units

Season Forecast

Who will be champion? Who descends? These are the questions that every football fan has to deal with during the season. The tables below show a prediction for the average placement of teams at the end of the season in Premier League. The prediction model for the tips is used to generate random game outcomes based on the calculated probabilities. With this approach, 10000 different seasonal patterns are generated. As a result, the final mean table is shown below.

Forecast Closing Table

1Manchester City78:364281
2FC Liverpool69:402973
3FC Arsenal67:392873
4Newcastle United60:411966
5Manchester United59:421765
6Brighton & Hove Albion56:431362
7FC Chelsea55:441161
8Tottenham Hotspur58:471161
9Aston Villa53:44959
10FC Brentford52:46657
11FC Fulham47:51-450
12West Ham United45:51-648
13Crystal Palace43:49-648
14Wolverhampton Wanderers38:51-1343
15FC Everton38:53-1541
16Nottingham Forest32:55-2336
17FC Burnley29:52-2336
18AFC Bournemouth31:56-2534
19Sheffield United25:56-3130
20Luton Town18:57-3924

Forecast Champion

Manchester City48.26%
FC Liverpool15.08%
FC Arsenal13.78%
Newcastle United6.23%
Manchester United4.95%

Relegation Prognosis

Luton Town64.81%
Sheffield United46.72%
FC Burnley28.95%
AFC Bournemouth21.29%
Nottingham Forest16.17%